William has spent most of his working life in the field of investigation.  This has seen him visit many different countries where he has been called upon to handle assignments in countries ravaged by hurricanes and earthquakes.   Through studies and many years of practical experience he has built up an area of expertise in fire origin and cause investigation.  Two assignments where this area of his expertise was most useful are listed below:

London Riots 2011 – Reeves Furniture Store, Croydon

The Reeves Furniture Store fire gained international recognition after it was targeted by arsonists during the 2011 riot in London.  William worked closely with the Reeves family in the investigation of the fire at their furniture store.  Whilst the offenders were never identified, William took over the role of a loss assessor and successfully negotiated a satisfactory settlement of their total loss fire claim with their insurers, AXA.

London Apartment Fire

The London apartment (valued at over £10 million) of an overseas industrialist was severely damaged by fire following an arson attack.  The financial loss was not as important to the owner as the reason for the attack.  The police investigation failed to identify anyone and the police file was closed.

William was asked by the owner to assist and he accepted the assignment.  Following an in-depth investigation the offender was identified and the motive disclosed.  Due to its sensitive nature, the owner decided to handle the matter without involving the police and all the information and evidence was handed over to him.

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