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In 2014 Australian entertainer Rolf Harris was found guilty, on all counts, of charges brought by four women. Harris was but one of a number of public figures to be charged with sexual charges.

But that is just the beginning.

After the convictions ex-Auckland policeman William Merritt, now a specialist investigator, spent two years doing what Scotland Yard failed to achieve. In 171 Merritt relates a story of incompetence, lies, and injustice.

It's a great study into human nature.

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Rolf Harris: The Defence Team’s Special Investigator reveals the Truth behind the Trials


William is a former New Zealand Police Detective who operates internationally investigating large and complex Criminal and Civil cases. William has been based in London for 18 years and during this time he has gained a reputation for uncovering vital evidence for defence Counsel in historic sexual abuse cases; evidence that had either been overlooked or bypassed during the Police investigation. This previously undisclosed or undetected evidence has proved to be vital in the subsequent acquittal of the accused.

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Through studies and many years of practical experience he has built up an area of expertise in fire origin and cause investigation.

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