Confidentiality is paramount in the investigation industry and we naturally respect this.  Over 90% of the assignments we complete must therefore remain secret.  However, there are some that can be mentioned because they have received publicity and are in the public domain.

Dave Lee Travis

In 2013 DLT was indicted on 12 charges of indecent and sexual assault. William was instructed to assist his Defence Counsel, Stephen Vullo QC, in examining and investigating the evidence presented by the Crown Prosecution Service in support of the charges.

Following two separate trials in 2014 Dave was acquitted of all of the 12 original charges. In his final address to the media outside Southwark Crown Court he reserved a special thank you to William – refer to the video.

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris was found guilty of 12 counts of sexual assault on 30 June 2014 and sentenced to 5 years and 9 months in prison. A year later (2015) the Harris family instructed William to examine the evidence used to convict Rolf and complete investigations for an appeal, paying particular attention to the conviction involving a woman in her 50’s who claimed Rolf sexually assaulted her when she was 8 years of age. They also instructed William to complete investigations into 7 new charges of sexual assault that had recently been laid by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Following 2 years of in-depth investigations during which William worked closely with Rolf’s Defence Counsel, Stephen Vullo QC, Rolf was acquitted of all 7 charges and the appeal against the conviction on the 8 year old was quashed. Rolf was released from prison and is now a free man.

Jonathan King

In June 2018 the music mogul, Jonathan King faced 23 charges relating to historic sexual abuse, which he vehemently denied. Jonathan contacted William a few weeks prior to the trial and asked for assistance in checking the value of the evidence presented to the Crown Prosecution Service by the Surrey police. Both his defence lawyer and Jonathan had serious doubts about its authenticity.

The investigation became a team effort with William, Jonathan and his defence lawyer working closely together. Their efforts paid off when during the trial it emerged that the police hid key evidence and misled the court.

“William found some amazing witnesses and evidence that the False Accusers in my case were lying; I’ve never seen such incredible work.”

The trial collapsed and all 23 charges were dismissed.


Allegations of historic abuse is not just aimed at celebrities and William has received instructions from many non-celebrities who come from various backgrounds and for confidential reasons cannot be named. In most cases these clients work in professions and occupations that leave them vulnerable to false accusations. Listed below are some of the professions and occupations where William’s clients work.

  • Surgeons
  • Teachers
  • Scout Master
  • Sportsman
  • Successful property developer
  • Businessmen
  • Family members
  • Step father
  • Young man suffering from Bi polar

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